Headlines we hope to write in 2018

The start of a new year always holds great mystery. What will these days — only numbers on a calendar now — hold for us, our families, our nation, our world? The mystery also extends to our parishes, schools, and the Diocese of Peoria itself. Will our pastor be moved come June? Will our school […]

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Bishop’s Festival Letter is timely teaching

Before reading another paragraph of this editorial, make sure you have pulled out Bishop Jenky’s Festival Letter on St. Joseph included with this issue of The Catholic Post and — if you haven’t already read it — place it somewhere safe for future reading and reflection. If you are a man, our level of encouragement […]

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A year of thanksgiving

A chalice and host are seen in a Thanksgiving display at St. Joseph Church in Lincoln, Neb. The holiday, celebrated Nov. 23, commemorates the Pilgrim’s celebration of a good harvest in 1621. CNS/Cathy Blankenau Bender

What’s not to love about Thanksgiving? Its beauty is its simple, yet profound premise: We need to pause and give thanks, especially to God. And so we gather with family and friends, count our blessings, and re-commit to sharing them. Our gratitude lists should be long, for there are gifts at every turn, every breath. […]

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Native of Westville parish had role in amazing astronomical discovery

Congratulations to Dr. Jeffrey Cooke, a native of St. Mary Parish in Westville and a world renowned astronomer who was among the scientists to witness and record the collision of two distant neutron stars observable in August. The discovery was announced Oct. 16 in press conferences around the globe and it has already yielded much […]

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Not with our tax money

It is irony of the saddest type that Illinois, which gave the nation the eloquent statesman U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde, now has taxpayer-funded abortion signed into state law. After all, it was Hyde, a powerful champion for those with no voice during his 32 years in the U.S. House of Representatives, who authored the 1976 […]

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‘Harvey’ collection: Time to give back for a diocese has seen its share of floods

Communities throughout the Diocese of Peoria have plenty of experience with flooding and disaster relief. Our region is blessed with many rivers — the Mississippi, the Illinois, the Vermilion, the Fox, the Rock, the Mackinaw, the Spoon, to name a few — which add beauty, offer recreation, and boost transportation and commerce. But these rivers […]

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What is eclipsing God’s light in us?

As we approach the rare solar eclipse that will be seen from coast to coast on Aug. 21, the stories cautioning about how to view it and marveling at the wonder of the celestial event will multiply. From a spiritual perspective, some will say the eclipse is a harbinger of the end times. That’s not […]

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Our diverse diocese

Maronites and Filipinos and Burmese, oh my! Those who think that the Catholics who fill the pews of our churches in central Illinois are only of European descent should consider three news stories in our past two issues. From June 30 to July 4, the Quad Cities Myanmar Catholic Community hosted 1,000 persons, including three […]

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Let the church hear your voice

Two major online surveys, one local and one global, now being conducted by the church offer Catholics of the Diocese of Peoria an opportunity to share their thoughts with Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, CSC, and even Pope Francis. Bishop Jenky, as you may have seen on these pages or heard in your parish, is seeking […]

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