Thank you, Bishop Jenky, for 15 years of faithful leadership of our diocese

Bishop Jenky is applauded as he is seated for the first time in the Bishop's Chair at St. Mary's Cathedral during his Mass of Installation as the eighth Bishop of Peoria on April 10, 2002. (Catholic Post file/Patrick Murphy-Racey)

This is a year of milestones for Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, CSC. On March 3, he observed his 70th birthday. This year is also his golden jubilee of professing first vows with his religious community, the Congregation of Holy Cross. In December, it will be 20 years since he was ordained a bishop, first serving […]

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Supreme decision

As The Catholic Post went to press Tuesday, the second day of Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch — President Donald Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee — had just concluded. The remarks and questioning showed not only how important this and future nominations are to the nation, but also to the Catholic Church. Among […]

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Tornado response brings us together

The principle that “what unites us is greater than what divides us” is a foundation of almost any ecumenical dialogue or effort. And it is sadly, yet wonderfully, true that what unites our faith communities like nothing else seems to be major tragedies — be it a disaster of a national scope like 9-11 or […]

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Giving up, giving of

Here comes Lent and with it the question so many Catholics ask one another: “What are you giving up?” My go-to give-ups are salty snacks and/or diet soda. But while doing without Doritos and Diet Coke for 40 days is physically healthy, I don’t think that “sacrifice” alone increases my spiritual health in anticipation of […]

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No alternative facts, but The Catholic Post does support alternative way of life

Fake news. Alternative facts.  A president who has called reporters “the most dishonest people” and this week accused the media of intentionally covering up terrorist attacks. A “post-truth” culture in which objective facts and divinely inspired moral principles no longer have much pull in people’s lives. And a social media landscape in which anyone with […]

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Celebrate our Catholic schools

As Catholic Schools Week begins this Sunday, students and teachers are ready to celebrate in a variety of ways. For the rest of us, we suggest a few homework assignments to join in the fun and grow in appreciation of the treasure we have in our midst. First, take a good look at the special […]

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All life is sacred, even Dylann Roof’s

Defending innocent human life, such as the pre-born, is one thing. Speaking up for the life of an unrepentant multi-murderer is quite another. Proclaiming God’s mercy is usually a wonderful Christian duty. Proclaiming it for Dylann Roof takes courage. Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone of Charlotte had courage in reminding Catholics of church teaching after jurors […]

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President Trump

As 2017 begins, with its blank calendar pages representing mysteries waiting to unfold in all aspects of our lives, a giant question mark on the national and world scene is what President Donald Trump will do, say, or — heaven help us — tweet in the days and months after his inauguration on Jan. 20. […]

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Give the gift of self in 2017

Is your Catholic parish, school, institution, organization or ministry in need of volunteers? Are you, as an individual or a family, looking for a place to volunteer? The Catholic Post would like to encourage volunteerism in 2017 and perhaps beyond by bringing together organizations that could use some help with persons looking for a place […]

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Giving beyond Tuesday

This is written on what has come to be known as Giving Tuesday, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving — a holiday that used to stand on its own quite nicely but in today’s culture is followed by Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a new and noble idea that has mushroomed […]

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