Author suggests ‘Four Ways Forward’ for parishes in our post-Christian world

Reviewed by Father Luke Spannagel If you are keeping up with the books Bishop Lou is sharing with the priests, then perhaps you are ready for the next one on the list:  “The Four Ways Forward” by Susan Windley-Daoust. She is the director of missionary discipleship for the Diocese of Winona-Rochester in Minnesota. As the […]

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Levering’s book explores Newman’s concerns on doctrinal corruption

Reviewed by Dr. Matthew Vander Vennet Word on Fire Academic has recently published a work on St. John Henry Newman by the inimitable Dr. Matthew Levering titled “Newman on Doctrinal Corruption.” Newman has many claims to fame, but chief among those claims lies his thoughts on the development of Christian doctrine over the centuries. In fact, […]

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Books perfect for the Eucharistic Revival

Reviewed by Katie Bogner As we enter into the second year of the National Eucharistic Revival, our focus turns to reviving our parishes. Strengthening the faithful celebration of Holy Mass and eucharistic adoration might be supported with an unlikely tool — picture books! While intended for the youngest of Catholics, the whole family can benefit from […]

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New book explores boundaries with grace

Reviewed by Nancy Piccione Most people understand that health is a lifelong practice on a physical level — you don’t “get healthy” once and then abandon the healthy habits that led to it, such as eating well, getting adequate sleep, exercise, and reducing stress. Our bodies, our lives, are gifts from God, and as disciples, we […]

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‘Exorcism’: Powerful, well-reasoned read on why we should choose good over evil

Reviewed by Nancy Piccione When I mentioned to my editor that I was considering reviewing a book on exorcism, she said it would be timely because there’s a new film out that’s related. It’s called “The Pope’s Exorcist,” and the movie is (very) loosely based on the life of exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth, an exorcist […]

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In ‘The Dry Wood,’ Houselander explores the mystery of Christ’s life in us

Reviewed by Lindsey Weishar Though certainly not a new book, mid-20th century spiritual writer Caryll Houselander’s “The Dry Wood” has something to say to 21st-century readers. Houselander’s only novel, originally published in 1947, has recently been re-released by The Catholic University of America Press as a part of its Catholic Women Writers Series. The novel takes as its […]

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Commentaries by St. Thomas Aquinas reveal his study, love of Scripture

Reviewed by Matthew Vander Vennet When we speak of St. Thomas Aquinas, most people familiar with the “Angelic Doctor” would tend automatically to think of his great contribution to Catholic theology and philosophy and as the Scholastic theologian par excellence. Even those more familiar with Aquinas would probably think of his two great works — […]

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