Paul Moore: Lent literally brims and beckons with blossoming blessings

Crocuses bloom near a sidewalk in Danville. (Photo courtesy Bruce Padan)

In My Father’s House / Paul Thomas Moore It’s more than just nice when the world starts to open up like a sunflower come spring. It’s wonder-full. That’s a big part of my excuse for finding it hard to think of Lent exclusively as a somber season. During late February or early March, there’s always […]

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Lindsey Weishar: In the midst of fear, there God is . . . and the light of hope

A woman cries next to her children after fleeing from Russia's invasion of Ukraine at the border crossing in Siret, Romania. (CNS/Reuters)

My Vocation is Love / Lindsey Weishar Perhaps in these days of instant access to the news, thoughts, ideas, and experiences of people all over the world, there is more to be afraid of than we could have ever imagined. And perhaps recently, with the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, some of us are […]

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Paul Moore: Immigrant leaves St. Louis’ ‘The Hill’ for the Gateway of Heaven

A statue memorializing Italian immigrants outside St. Ambrose Church, and the Gateway Arch, both in St. Louis. (Provided photos)

In My Father’s House / By Paul Moore My wife Mary Louise and I went down to St. Louis in late February for a funeral. It was for my brother-in-law Jerry’s father-in-law, Leo. Leo was 96, an immigrant from Italy 68 years ago. Although I didn’t know him personally, I felt like I knew Leo […]

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Paul Moore: Like those home renovators on television, Jesus sees our possibilities

A statue of Jesus is bathed in morning light from an adjacent Marian stained-glass window at St. Mary Church in Metamora. (Provided photo)

Recently, I was sitting and thinking in a couple of different places that paradoxically got me to thinking along similar lines. One of these was in a dentist’s chair, while I was waiting after his assistant had settled me in and gone to get him. The chair was reclined comfortably, and the home renovation show […]

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Paul Moore: The harmony of heaven, when we all will be in perfect pitch

The late Jerry Klein, former Catholic Post columnist, at the piano. (Provided photo)

In My Father’s House / By Paul Thomas Moore My predecessor in this column space, my late father-in-law Jerry Klein, wrote not infrequently on these pages of his mind’s happy wanderings on the subject of heaven, “If God’s earth can be so beautiful, what must heaven be like?” There are many opinions of what heaven […]

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