Lindsey Weishar: Basking in the afterglow of the ‘Enkindle’ retreat for artists

Participants in the “Enkindle” retreat for artists Sept. 30 to Oct. 2 at St. Matthew Parish in Champaign included, back row from left, Nancy Warfel, Mary Thissen, Teri Wilke, Veronica Gualandri, Jill Rodts, Sara Jahn, and retreat chaplain Father Charles Klamut; front row from left are Rebekah Mead (holding Peregrine Mead), retreat coordinator Lindsey Weishar, Susan Kloth, and Emma Reymann. (Provided photo)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Columnist Lindsey Weishar led a retreat for women artists, “Enkindle,” the weekend of Sept. 30-Oct. 2 at St. Matthew Parish in Champaign. She devotes this month’s column to the artists from across the diocese who attended and their work. — October is perhaps the most brilliant month for afterglow. As the sun sets, […]

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Lindsey Weishar: Preparing for the Enkindle Retreat and tending to our humanity

The weekend retreat of artistic renewal is open to all women above 18 in the Diocese of Peoria.

My Vocation is Love / Lindsey Weishar God-willing, Sept. 30-Oct. 2 will be a weekend of artistic renewal for the women attending the Enkindle Retreat at St. Matthew Parish in Champaign. You may remember my writing about this retreat in my May column when I thought it would be happening in June. You know what […]

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Katie Faley — Sharing the harvests of our gardens . . . and other God-given gifts

"By the third time somebody shared their harvest," writes Katie Faley, "I started to see the ways in which God can work through these small moments and gestures."

Cause of Our Joy / By Katie Faley Would you believe that it was green beans and baked potatoes that inspired my faith this month? Well, it was. It’s said that God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes that just happens to be through a potato. It all started when my grandpa’s friend, Don, brought over […]

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Paul Moore: ‘4 Ps’ helped me appreciate Jesus’ Real Presence in the Eucharist

Elevation of the Eucharist is depicted in a stained-glass window. (CNS/Bob Roller)

In My Father’s House / By Paul Thomas Moore Lately, I have been blessed with some incredible witnesses who have helped me more fully appreciate the reality of Christ in the Eucharist. I will call them my “4 Ps of Presence.” The first came from a noted Catholic Preacher, the second from my local parish […]

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Lindsey Weishar: Preparing room to hear His voice during transitions of August

My Vocation is Love / By Lindsey Weishar For many, especially those in school or living with someone in school, August is a month of transitions. In this last month of scorching summer temperatures (hopefully!), there’s a freshness, an orientation toward the new — new school supplies, new routine, new faces in one’s classes. August […]

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Paul Moore: Here’s to longer lines at the confessional, sins lost, forgiveness found

A sign on a door adjacent to Care Net Pregnancy Center in Monroe, Wisconsin.

In My Father’s House / Paul Thomas Moore This column is meant most particularly for all of us who have participated in the sacrament of reconciliation — whether regularly (weekly or monthly), on special occasions (Christmas or Easter), or even for whom the last time may have been at confirmation. People describe many things as […]

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Paul Moore: Stepping in from the threshold of the door to make decisions

In My Father’s House / Paul Thomas Moore I have a bit of a complicated relationship with decision-making. Sometimes I charge in impulsively (“where angels fear to tread,” as my Mom used to say) without sufficiently thinking — or more importantly, praying — things through beforehand, and must beat a retreat later. Other times I […]

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