Paul Moore: The harmony of heaven, when we all will be in perfect pitch

The late Jerry Klein, former Catholic Post columnist, at the piano. (Provided photo)

In My Father’s House / By Paul Thomas Moore My predecessor in this column space, my late father-in-law Jerry Klein, wrote not infrequently on these pages of his mind’s happy wanderings on the subject of heaven, “If God’s earth can be so beautiful, what must heaven be like?” There are many opinions of what heaven […]

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Paul Thomas Moore: Mercy me! My (Christian) bucket list runneth over

"Works of Mercy" by Pierre Montailler, 1680. (Public Domain)

In My Father’s House / By Paul Thomas Moore Around this time of the rolling year, New Year’s resolutions are everywhere. Sometimes these promises-to-oneself merge with long-term goals we have for our lives, as epitomized by the popular, if somewhat inelegant concept of the “bucket list” — as in things we hope to do before […]

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Lindsey Weishar: Let Mary lead us through Advent to the humble stable

Images of Our Lady of Guadalupe brought from homes for a blessing surround a display at St. Mary's Cathedral in Peoria on Dec. 11, the eve of her feast. (The Catholic Post/Tom Dermody)

My Vocation is Love / By Lindsey Weishar I think Advent may be one of my favorite times of the liturgical year. It’s a season infused with mystery, anticipation. The readings from Isaiah that we’ve encountered in the past weeks sound otherworldly — “the wolf shall be a guest of the lamb” (Is. 11:6), “Then will […]

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Katie Faley: Salvation starts with a baby — the unfathomable humility of God

A figurine of the Christ Child is displayed in a Nativity scene. We are called to imitate the humility of Christ born in a manger as a helpless baby, writes columnist Katie Faley. (CNS/Reuters)

Cause of Our Joy / By Katie Faley Happy new liturgical year! Wouldn’t it be neat if we stayed up until midnight on the night before Advent to count down to the moment when the old liturgical year turned into the new one? We’d make a list of resolutions for the new liturgical year. We’d […]

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Paul Moore: Don’t listen to the Devil — Confession is good for the soul

The grace that pervades the soul through confession inevitably leads to greater faith, hope and charity. (CNS/Chaz Muth)

In My Father’s House / By Paul Thomas Moore Blame it all on Father Greg. I was talking with Father Greg Jozefiak recently on “Catholic Conversations” (under “podcasts” at, Nov. 20). I asked him, after Holy Eucharist, what was his second favorite sacrament to administer as a priest. I could tell the question surprised […]

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Lindsey Weishar: Refreshing the art of conversation at the Thanksgiving feast

Columnist Lindsey Weishar offers a few suggestions for meaningful conversations around the Thanksgiving table, and beyond.

My Vocation is Love / By Lindsey Weishar There’s a reason that St. Mother Teresa invites us to begin at home when it comes to ministering to the poor. Noting not only economic poverty, but the proliferation of spiritual poverty in our modern day, she asked, “Are you aware that in your own family, in […]

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Paul Moore: Strengthening the ties that bind . . . both here and in the hereafter

Columnist Paul Moore with his father, Tom. "I've grown closer to my father since his death," Paul writes. (Provided photo)

In My Father’s House / Paul Thomas Moore I’ve grown closer to my father since his death, as I reflect on his life and the legacy of his love. Everybody warmed under the sun of Mom, but Dad could be a bit of a puzzle. Churchill’s definition of Russia as a “riddle, wrapped inside a […]

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