President Biden’s ‘litany of compassion’ must also include the unborn child

Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th president of the United States as his wife, Jill Biden, holds a Bible on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington Jan. 20, 2021. (CNS/ Reuters)

In My Father’s House / Paul Thomas Moore In responding to the pro-choice presidency of Joe Biden, I’m going to try and take a leaf from the book of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who said he “took no pleasure” in contradicting former President Trump on COVID. When Dr. Fauci felt he had to correct the record […]

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A spiritual ‘game plan’ to grow our hearts deeper in Christ this Lent

This design represents Christ's 40 days in the desert. The passage is from the first reading this Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021. (CNS graphic/Nancy Wiechec)

My Vocation is Love / By Lindsey Weishar I don’t know about you, but I often mentally brace myself for Lent. The season feels so long, so winter-ridden, and in this time of lingering pandemic, especially isolating. Yet, the Online Etymology Dictionary reminds me that Lent comes from an Old English word meaning “lengthening of […]

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Grateful this and every year for the Eucharist’s unity and universality

The interior of St. Brigid Church on Inishmore Island off the West Coast of Ireland.

Cause of Our Joy / Katie Faley Kneeling in a tiny stone church only big enough to hold about 70 people, I saw the priest raise the bread above the altar and bells rang from behind him. I snapped to attention, finally finding my footing in a Mass that had me pretty lost. I was […]

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2021 — The Year of Being Known

“My Vocation is Love” / Lindsey Weishar New years are often times of reorientation, of reset. We make resolutions, update our goals, give ourselves permission to dream about change in ways that fill us with anticipation. This year one of my personal hopes is to allow myself to be better known. To say 2020 was […]

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January is different because of Christmas

“In My Father’s House” / Paul Thomas Moore It was Christmas Eve, and we were in the grocery store, stocking up on some last-minute items for the big day. One of the store employees was dressed as Santa, and he was working at the check-out. Meanwhile, some other employees — no doubt his elves, were […]

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The value of intergenerational relationships in the life of the church

"Peggy taught me something so important about parish life and the Catholic Church as a whole," writes columnist Katie Faley, shown with her in the provided photo. "Where I always silently complained that there was never a strong enough young adult presence, I was failing to recognize how life-giving and valuable intergenerational relationships are."

“Cause of Our Joy” / Katie Faley It’s said that we don’t know what we’ve got until we’ve lost it. I think that has become acutely true amidst the year’s changes to our regular lives. I’ve come to reflect quite a bit on the importance of community in these last few months when community has […]

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Our Catholic churches — Christmas gifts far and near

The interior of St. Mary's Staghall Church, County Cavan, Ireland.

“In My Father’s House” / Paul Thomas Moore Several years ago, I was walking and talking with a good friend of mine as we passed by a church that was undergoing renovations. The good friend was also a good priest, a man with a highly developed social conscience and a heart for the poor. Although […]

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Advent: Encountering strongholds of fear, preparing for the ‘thrill of hope’

"When we don't abandon ourselves to fear, nor abandon the places of fear within us," writes Lindsey Weishar, "we offer ourselves the opportunity to discover threads of new grass wending through charred soil, the sprout of a new tree growing up out of the remnants of a shattered one."

By Lindsey Weishar / “My Vocation is Love” There is something beautifully hidden about the season of Advent. The early darkness of the evenings and the cooling weather invite us to spend time on the inside — in our homes, with ourselves. If it wasn’t 2020, I’d probably be looking forward to this season more. […]

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