Giv up txtng 4 Lent?

Not that more evidence is needed, but a sign that Bishop Jenky was on target last week in saying that in this digital age we’re experiencing a “fundamental shift in the patterns of communication and human relationships” came this week from Italy, where a bishop asked the faithful “to fast” from sending text messages on their cell phones, at least on the Fridays of Lent.

It seems Italy is among the world leaders in texting, with persons between the ages of 13 and 16 sending an average of 47 text messages a day.

Give your thumbs a rest, suggested Archbishop Benito Cocchi, use fewer words, and concentrate on strengthening your relationship with God and others.

How we in the Diocese of Peoria should use — and deliver — our words to connect believers within our church family in the digital age is the focus of a yearlong study the bishop announced last week..

We are pleased that Bishop Jenky expressed his commitment to The Catholic Post as “a vital part of the communication efforts for future generations,” as it has been for the past three generations. But, like him, we are interested in the views of readers (and browsers, texters, instant messengers, etc.) today.

We hope many will respond to the survey on the following page. We’re sorry to clog up 10 minutes of your Lent with words, but your responses will help us to be better Catholic communicators, and evangelists, for years to come. And that’s a good Lenten practice. — Thomas J. Dermody, editor-in-chief, The Catholic Post

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