Point your mouse our way

In this age when newborns and even pets have their own Web sites, maybe the news that the Diocese of Peoria and The Catholic Post have redesigned their homes on the Internet doesn’t pack the same punch as it might have a decade or more ago when anything “www” made us wondrous, wowed, and wide-eyed. […]

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First school lesson is for adults

It is said that confession is good for the soul. In this case, maybe it will be good for all the children who will be walking and riding bikes to school in the days to come, too. Last week I had the opportunity to spend time with Benjamin Jablonski, 3, and his family as I […]

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All seminarians have stories

Because he is a professional sports figure, Chase Hilgenbrinck’s decision to retire from soccer to begin studies for the priesthood in our diocese became a national and even an international story. We at The Catholic Post were not immune from borrowing on the sports celebrity interest. I can’t recall this newspaper giving so much ink […]

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Greatest love, adventure story

Let’s start out with a four-question quiz on the Bible. Are the Gospels part of the Bible? Did Jesus write one of the books of the Bible? Was Paul or Moses a figure from the Old Testament? Which of the following wrote a Gospel: Luke? John? Paul? Peter? We’ll give the answers at the end. […]

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The price is right to SHARE

Imagine that this weekend a service station in your community begins offering gas for $1.99 a gallon. Would you expect a long line? How quickly would the good news spread, even to neighboring communities? Would anyone not pull up to that pump because of concern they’d be taking inexpensive gas away from people with lower […]

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Homework for graduates

By: – Thomas J. Dermody, editor-in-chief The days of assigned school homework are over, at least for the summer, for most of the high school and college members of the Class of 2008. But young people about to enter new stages in life would do well to spend a few hours this summer with “The […]

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Memories of Flood of ’93

Following the path of the record flood waters this week from devastated central Iowa to the Mississippi River along the Diocese of Peoria’s western border — and now points south — has been like watching a disaster unfold in slow motion. And for those of us who saw or lived through the Flood of 1993 […]

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God views beyond YouTube

By: Tom Dermody There are moments of grace, and then there are ungraceful moments. We all experience both. One of the latter for me happened while walking into a packed theater moments before a play was to begin. Failing to notice an electrical cord stretched across the aisle, I tripped and fell face first to […]

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