More than 100 Scouts, leaders and units honored at Scout Mass, in parishes

Surrounding Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, CSC, are the Boys Scouts and Girls Scouts who received religious emblems and medals at the Diocesan Scout Mass on Feb. 16 at St. Mary's Cathedral in Peoria. Another 50 young people, including members of American Heritage Girls troops, were recognized at Masses in their home parishes. Standing at left is Deacon Roger Hunter, who serves on the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting. (The Catholic Post/Jennifer Willems)

Following is a list of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and American Heritage Girls from around the Diocese of Peoria who earned religious emblems and awards this year at the Diocesan Scout Mass. Many were at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Peoria on Feb. 16 to receive them from Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, CSC, but some celebrated at Scout Sunday Masses in their own parishes.

This list also includes adult leaders who were honored and the Scouting units that were recognized for excellence.


Trinity Bussan (AHG Troop 2112, Epiphany, Normal)


Ella Henehan (AHG Troop 2112, Epiphany, Normal)


Renee Fonseca, Clara Osborn, Elizabeth Osborn, Molly McManus, Ava Roth, Kristen Olsen (GSUSA Troop 4268/4578, St. Patrick, Washington, St. Vincent de Paul, Peoria, St. Thomas the Apostle, Peoria Heights, and St. Monica, East Peoria )


Bridget Okrzesik, Elizabeth Matthew, Hannah Okrzesik, Adelaide Heaton, Molly Mester, Ava Lowry (GSUSA Troop 1033/1043, Corpus Christi, Bloomington)


Matthew Daccache, Lucas Roberts (Pack 3156, St. Vincent de Paul, Peoria); Matthew Albrecht, Blake Cook, Mark Stanko, Noah Cyphers, Ezra Percell (Pack 3955, St. Patrick Church of Merna, Bloomington); Benjamin White (Pack 3955, St. Mary, Bloomington); Wyatte Hise (Pack 257, St. Luke, Eureka); Ethan Day, Matthew Hansen, Bennett Manders (Packs 254 and 452, St. Jude, Peoria); William Hannel, Jackson Stevens, Evan Westendorf, Alexander Johnson (Pack 3925, Epiphany, Normal); Sophie Hamby, Michael Hartnett, Brendan Byard, Landen Douglas (Pack 9, Holy Cross, Champaign); Johanna Forgie (Pack 109, St. Mary, Rock Island); Cecilia Hatton, Michael “Trip” White III, Breyland Wolfram, Henry Chiras, Jaxon Brownfield, Benjamin Janszen, Anne Chiras, Matthew Stevenart, William Talley, Tatem White (Pack 168, St. Patrick, Washington); Sam Winschel, Liam Rowe, Jackson Taylor, Isaac Schneider, William Sharpe, Dom Lucas (Pack 18, St. Philomena, Peoria); Leonardo Curreli, Nathan Mokos (Pack 121, St. Matthew, Champaign)


David Shimon, Charlie Rickey, Jack Westerberg (Pack 156, St. Vincent de Paul, Peoria); Jacob Geraghty (Pack 3955, St. Mary, Bloomington); Jordan Schulz, Cullan Hoekstra (Pack 257, St. Luke, Eureka); Thomas Stoia (Pack 254, St. Jude, Peoria); Ethan Weldy, James Linnenburger, Kadair Onedraogo, Jack Lamkin, Will Herges, Samuel Easton, Joseph Haggin, David Ayala (Pack 9, Holy Cross, Champaign); Madden Ehrgott, Luka Chiras, Noel Doty (Pack 168, St. Patrick, Washington); Weston Taylor, Sam Walz (Pack 18, St. Philomena, Peoria); Luke Josephik (Pack 4877, St. Paul, Odell); James Blatzer, Liam Ondevilla, Logan Stortzum, Elijah Taylor, Nicholas Woodward (Pack 121, St. Matthew, Champaign)


Jacob Peterson, Garrett Castens, Nicholas Forgie, Christian Lilius, Zachary Houtekier, Kenneth Ohr (Troop 109, Sacred Heart, Moline); Blake Burhoe, Brock Burhoe (Troop 86, St. Patrick, Washington); David Morrow (Troop 1102, Holy Family, Lincoln)


David Morrow (Troop 1102, Holy Family, Lincoln); Aidan Hoekstra (Troop 57, St. Luke, Eureka)


Adult emblems are not awards to be earned, but recognition for service for youth in the programs of Catholic Scouting, GSUSA and American Heritage Girls

Bronze Pelican

  • Karen Zettler, Troop 40, St. Jude, Peoria
  • Peter Zettler, Troop 40, St. Jude, Peoria
  • Joanette Snider, Troop 109, Christ the King, Moline
  • Michael Maynard, Troop 109, Sacred Heart, Moline
  • Phillip Lee, Office of Divine Worship, Diocese of Peoria, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Peoria

St. George Emblem

  • Mark Hilliard, Troop 52, St. Mary of the Woods, Princeville
  • Jennifer DeWitt, Troop 109, Sacred Heart, Moline


Gold Level

  • Pack 9, Holy Cross, Champaign/Cubmaster, Jim Linnenburger
  • Pack 3925, Epiphany, Normal/Cubmaster, Tim Hendrickson
  • Pack 3955, Corpus Christi, Bloomington/Cubmaster, Kevin Cook
  • Pack 3052, St. Mary of the Woods, Princeville/Cubmaster, Marty Urbanc
  • Troop 9, Holy Cross, Champaign/Scoutmaster, Gabe Jackson
  • Troop 109, Sacred Heart, Moline/Scoutmaster, John DeWitt
  • Troop 2019, Holy Cross, Champaign/Scoutmaster, Anthony Frasca Sr.

Silver Level

  • Troop 920, St. Mary, Bloomington/Scoutmaster, Chris Knoll
  • Troop 121, St. Matthew, Champaign/Scoutmaster, Frank Marquart

Bronze Level

  • Pack 121, St. Matthew, Champaign/Cubmaster, Chris Lugardo
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