40 Days for Life vigils to take place from Sept. 27 to Nov. 5 in Peoria, Champaign

Since its first campaign in 2007, 40 Days for Life has seen its message of hope and faith in the culture of life spread to more than 1,000 cities in 63 countries.

The organization’s website lists the evidence of what prayer, fasting, community outreach and peaceful witness have achieved — 23,525 lives saved, 251 abortion workers “terminating” their employment, and 144 abortion centers closed.

From Sept. 27 to Nov. 5, 40 Days for Life vigils will take place in Peoria and Champaign, while a prayer program is planned in Galesburg.

The Peoria vigil is planned outside Planned Parenthood at 2709 N Knoxville Ave. For more information or to sign up for time slots, visit 40daysforlife.com/en/Peoria, or contact Anthony Berlinger, coordinator of the Peoria campaign, at (309) 340-2002 or anthonyberlinger@gmail.com.

In Champaign, the vigil will be held outside Planned Parenthood at 307 E. Stoughton St. To sign up for time slots visit 40daysforlife.com/en/champaign.

For more details, contact Champaign coordinator Sandi Ostrowski at (217) 781-2022 or sostrow@mchsi.com.


Barbara Brody of Knox County Right to Life said the group underwent training and considered a 40 Days’ vigil outside the Walgreens at 844 W. Fremont in Galesburg in response to the growing threat of pharmaceutical abortions. They discerned more understanding of the issue was required in the community before such a “drugstore vigil” could be meaningful, however.

There are no freestanding abortion clinics in Galesburg.

This year, in preparation for a vigil next year, “We are having people pray in their churches, because we have to have that educational curve,” Brody said, adding that whether prayer is offered inside or out, “you’re still reaching the heart of God.”

Barbara Brody can be reached at (608) 341-7705 or at brodybunch8@comcast.net.


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