Three modern, “heroic” women serve as role models, guides in troubled times

Morgan Matson began her talk at Christ the King Church by suggesting three modern, “heroic” women as role models who can serve as guides “especially with what is going on in the news lately about women and their choices.”

The women are:

  • St. Gianna Beretta Molla, a physician who knew her diagnosis of a large tumor in her uterus posed a threat to her life. She allowed the surgeons to remove the tumor but not to perform the complete hysterectomy that they recommended, which would have killed the child. The child was born healthy, but the following week Gianna Molla died at home.
  • Servant of God Emelia Wojtyla, whose third pregnancy was a threat to her life and her doctor recommended an abortion. She gave birth to a son, who would later become Pope John Paul II.
  • Servant of God Chiara Corbella Petrillo, who with her husband faced many hardships together, including the death of two children, who both died only 30 minutes after birth because of genetic conditions. Both were baptized. During her third pregnancy, Chiara was diagnosed with cancer. She refused treatment and the baby was born healthy, but the cancer took her life.

“Without role models, knowing the right path would be difficult,” said Morgan. “But the Lord has guided many people before us, and with their experience and our faith in the Lord, no hurdle or mountain or valley should be too difficult to overcome.”

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