Update: Baby Fulton Joseph Hood has died in the womb; parents thank supporters

This ultrasound of Fulton Joseph Hood was published at fultonjoseph.com, a site that kept prayer supporters informed of his development.

Fulton Joseph Hood has gone home to God.

At a meeting with their obstetrician on March 31, Fulton’s due date, Royce and Elise Hood were told that no heartbeat could be detected for their unborn son. An ultrasound on April 1 confirmed that his heart had stopped beating.

Labor was induced and Fulton was delivered at OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center at 12:50 a.m. on April 2, Good Friday. Royce shared on Facebook that Fulton weighed 2 pounds and 14.4 ounces and was 12.5 inches long.

“His eyes were closed and he looked very much at peace,” Royce said. “His passing in the womb means he didn’t suffer. All he knew was love, warmth and joy.”

Fulton had Potter’s syndrome, which means he didn’t have kidneys and there was very little, if any amniotic fluid to surround him in the womb. Without that, the lungs don’t develop either and there are other complications. (See “Baby Fulton Joseph is surrounded by love” in the March 28 issue of The Catholic Post.)

“Although we were praying hard for a miracle we were planning for the likelihood that Fulton would have a short life once born,” Royce wrote on fultonjoseph.com. “We planned for a little baptism. We also planned to just hold him while playing some pretty music in the background while he was comforted in our arms.”

Although this is difficult, he said, “We are confident in God’s plan.”

When they talked to The Catholic Post in mid-March, Elise said they had given Fulton to God and said, “Your will be done.” Doing that was hard but had brought them and Fulton’s five older siblings a lot of peace, she said.

On his website, Royce said they would be planning a service and funeral in the days to come, adding they didn’t know what to expect because they’ve never been through this before.

“But I do know we have been surrounded by such an outpouring of kindness and love from family, friends and from people we have never met,” he said. “What a blessing it has been to see how Fulton’s life has brought so many people together in faith and prayer. Elise and I are so proud to be Fulton’s mom and dad.”

Royce and Elise thanked their medical team at OSF, their friends at St. Jude Parish in Peoria, as well as all the people who have been praying for them for the support and care the family has received.

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