Our polarized society and the mission of The Catholic Post to unite

In this polarizing election year, in these weeks of a presidential impeachment trial being conducted along strict party lines, in these days when our social media feeds and even family dinner talk can turn divisive over a host of topics, we at The Catholic Post open our annual subscription drive called “Delivering Unity.

Our mission statement found every issue on page 2 contains the word “unites”: “The Catholic Post spreads the saving message of Jesus Christ as it faithfully informs, forms, and unites members of the Diocese of Peoria.”

Unity is not uniformity. Catholics of our 26-county diocese are beautifully diverse and have differing opinions on all manner of topics. But our shared belief in a loving Christ unites and guides us in ways seen and unseen.

We hope that you act this week to ensure that The Catholic Post, a key source of diocesan unity, is seen in your home throughout 2020. — Thomas J. Dermody

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