Thank you, Nancy

Nancy Piccione

Like a good book, Nancy Piccione’s more than eight-year run as regular Book Page columnist for The Catholic Post ends with a satisfying and exceptional conclusion. Instead of making herself the focus of the farewell-for-now column found here, she spotlights eight (or is it nine?) takeaways

from her reviewing experience to benefit all of us. In so doing, Nancy does what she has accomplished so well in print and online since her debut column on April 18, 2010 — she encourages Catholic reading.

We thank Nancy Piccione for the glimpses not only into hundreds of books old and new, but into her faith and family life as well. After all, her column has been titled “Books and More.”

What happens next for the The Catholic Post’s Book Page? To continue the book analogy, it’s about to enter another chapter. So take Nancy’s advice, and keep reading. — Thomas J. Dermody


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