Diocese-wide Bingo game is coming; grand prize, how to enter revealed here

Unique cards such as this sample will be inserted in the April 15 issue of every paid subscriber to The Catholic Post.

If you have yet to renew your subscription to The Catholic Post, allow us to offer one more reason to do so in 2018.

Actually, we’ll offer 5,000 reasons.

A gift to The Catholic Post’s 2018 Delivering Unity Campaign not only brings this award-winning diocesan newspaper to your home throughout the year, it is also the only way to enter a first-ever, diocese-wide Bingo game that now has a significant grand prize.

The prize is a $5,000 shopping spree for furniture from Sherman’s, a family-owned discount appliances, electronics, furniture, and mattress store. Based in Peoria, Sherman’s also has showrooms in Normal and Peru.

“We are grateful to Sherman’s for partnering with us in what promises to be a very entertaining and fun contest for our subscribers throughout 2018,” said Tom Dermody, editor of The Catholic Post.


A unique Bingo card will be delivered to paid subscribing households only within the April 15, 2018 issue of The Catholic Post. That issue, and each subsequent one will reveal a new number until a winner fills in the shape of a cross as outlined on the card (see example above). Each number will be drawn by a Catholic “personality” somewhere in the diocese.

A new number will be revealed in each issue of The Catholic Post starting April 15.

In the event of more than one winner, the $5,000 shopping spree will be divided accordingly.

“We envision our Bingo cards on thousands of refrigerator doors around the diocese,” said Dermody, “and family members reaching for The Catholic Post when it arrives to see the next number.”

The game is designed to generate additional interest in, and revenue for, The Catholic Post and its mission to inform, inspire, and unite Catholics around the Diocese of Peoria.

Only those who have contributed to The Catholic Post’s 2018 Delivering Unity Campaign by March 16 will receive a playing card. To subscribe or to renew your subscription quickly and easily with your credit or debit card online visit thecatholicpost.com anytime; call our office during business hours Monday through Friday at 1-800-340-5630; or send a check to The Catholic Post, PO Box 1722, Peoria, IL 61656. The subscription rate is $29, but larger gifts are welcomed (Evangelization rate of $50, Page Sponsor level of $100, and Msgr. Peters Society of $300).


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