Diocesan Council of Farmers offers reminders as spring planting begins


EDITOR’S NOTE: The following was submitted by the Diocesan Council of Farmers. It was written by Msgr. Thomas Mack, episcopal vicar of rural life.

The warmer weather that is starting to spread throughout the diocese is a welcome sign to us all that the spring has finally arrived. It can also be seen

Msgr. Thomas Mack

    Msgr. Thomas Mack

The members of the Diocesan Farmers Council and I would like to remind folks of a few things as we enter the spring planting season.

  1. Be safe! Farmers sometimes get in a hurry to get the fieldwork done and put in some long days. We are asking all farmers to be safe and alert during this planting season. This is especially true if you are having your children help you in any way. You and your family are more precious than having that field planted when you are tired.
  2. Drive safely. If you are traveling on those rural roads you know how quickly you can come up on tractors and planters moving from one field to the next. Be aware!
  3. Pastors and deacons: This is the time to bless seeds and fields if requested. Please be open to bless seeds and fields. (The feast day of St. Isidore falls on Pentecost Sunday this year, so you might want to choose another time.)
  4. Catholic school teachers: The Farm Bureaus of each county have what they call the “Ag in the Classroom” program. These programs are free and they help introduce how important and how varied agriculture is in our lives. We, the Diocesan Farmers Council, ask you and your principals to check out this program. The Catholic schools who are already involved speak highly of the program.
  5. Continue to practice good stewardship programs: Being good stewards is one of the earliest commands from God to mankind. Many of the farmers in the diocese are already doing good things to help protect the soil and the water. We encourage all to get involved in these programs.
  6. 4-H clubs and FFA program: We, the Diocesan Farmers Council, ask you all to support your local 4-H clubs and FFA programs. They are excellent programs to build leadership skills for our young people.
  7. Pray for good weather — not just this planting season, but through the summer growing season, too. We can only do so much. It is God alone who gives us the rains when we need them. May St. Isidore the farmer help us with his prayers and intercession.
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