The envelope, please . . . or the telephone . . . or the Internet

By now it has fallen out of this newspaper, that white envelope addressed to The Catholic Post.

Maybe you’ve set it aside on the coffee table or on your desk. Maybe it annoyed you when it dropped out and you had to bend to pick it up. Sorry about that.

That envelope is important to us. We want it back.

But what the envelope represents is much more important to you, your family, and the Diocese of Peoria.

As Bishop Jenky writes in his letter promoting The Catholic Post’s 2015 Delivering Unity Campaign, this newspaper is a way Catholics of the Diocese of Peoria become aware of believers beyond our parishes and communities. It’s a way we stay united and hear current teaching.

Just look through this one issue. On these pages you’ll meet a man who just gave $1 million to his former Catholic grade school. On page 8 you’ll discover a Catholic retiree in Streator who turned a year as a school playground supervisor into a humorous book.

You should be filled with hope that hundreds of local Catholics, most of them young, stood up for the sanctity of all human life in their communities and far beyond. Did you know there is a worldwide religious community based in rural Princeville? Read our profile of the Community of St. John and learn.

That’s just a small part of how just one issue of The Catholic Post helped you to better know your family of faith. There are so many more family members to meet in 2015. But you’ll miss them if you don’t find that envelope and return it with a gift of your choosing. Faster still, contribute online at or give us a call a 1-800-340-5630.

Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration. — Thomas J. Dermody

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