Help vocations blossom this spring

In addition to being Mother’s Day, this Sunday is World Day for Vocations in the Catholic Church. And while flowers and cards are nice, we can’t think of any mother who wouldn’t be made happy by her child becoming and doing what he or she was created by God to be and do.

Providentially, this issue of The Catholic Post also includes a 20-page special section that not only honors priests and consecrated women and men who are marking jubilee years, but also features publishes wisdom they pass along to others now considering their vocation choices — especially members of the 2014 high school and college graduation classes.

Spend time with the heroes on those pages. To assist, the rest of this editorial will be a game that can be played by the entire family. We’ll offer quotes from our jubilarian section that offer vocation wisdom, meant primarily for those considering priesthood and religious life but valuable to all. You search the section for who said it. The answers appear here.

Thank you, and God bless our jubilarians, new ordinands, our mothers, and all graduates. — Thomas J. Dermody

1. “There can be no greater joy, peace and fulfillment than to be who God wants you to be.”

2. “When God calls, God enables.”

3. “Live a life based on Jesus’ life.”

4. “Above all, listen to what God is calling you to.”

5. “All have the task of spreading the message of God’s love.”

6. “You must be willing to pray and work.”

7. “Pray and listen to that small voice deep inside you. Trust in God as he will never be outdone in generosity.”

8. “Follow the gift God is giving you. Do not be afraid.”

9. “When I cooperate with His grace, I can be an instrument of his merciful love to others.”

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