Do you check Facebook more than your Bible?

When the social media giant Facebook observed its 10th anniversary earlier this month, one of the headlines we saw declared that more people read Facebook daily in the U.S. than the Bible. We won’t bore you with the math that led to that conclusion, but we doubt that it shocks anyone.

After all, that picture of the dinner the friend you haven’t seen for 20 years had at the restaurant last night is certainly more fascinating than the continuing love story between God and each of us, isn’t it?

So raise your hand if you are among those who check your Facebook more than the Bible. For the record, I’m typing one-handed now.

We’re not knocking Facebook or other social media. In fact, we’d be thrilled if you would use it to follow The Catholic Post. Nearly 2,000 Facebook users “like” us and use our Facebook account to keep up with breaking Catholic news, or to share photos from events covered by The Catholic Post such as last Sunday’s Scout Mass.

But we’ll borrow interest from the Facebook-Bible headline to remind that Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, CSC, began 2014 by urging Catholics in the Diocese of Peoria to read the Bible daily, if only a few sentences. Raise your hand if you are doing so.

I’m typing one-handed again. And it’s been a great blessing.

As Lent approaches, we have another great opportunity to “friend” God via Goodbook, the Bible. “Like” it? You’ll love it. — Thomas J. Dermody

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