The Lord is my…quarterback? Costa students revise Psalm 23

Photo Caption: Members of Mary Norton’s eighth grade class at Costa Catholic Academy in Galesburg recently revised Psalm 23 to better understand the beloved psalm that begins “The Lord is my shepherd.”

GALESBURG — It is perhaps the most beloved and recited psalm, and we all know how it starts: “The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want.”

But Mary Norton’s eighth grade class at Costa Catholic Academy here recently studied the six verses of Psalm 23 by revising them.

And so for Taleah Kennedy, “The Lord is my coach . . . you prepare a play for me in the presence of my opponent.”

For Jacob McAdam, “The Lord is my teacher; there is nothing he doesn’t know.”

For Jake Gengenbach, “The Lord is my chef . . . he guides me in the kitchen to make healthy choices for His Name’s sake.”

Matt Ricketts said the Lord is his quarterback.

“He leads my way . . . he keeps me strong when times are tough, he keeps me faithful when I think I can’t.”

“Our purpose was not to improve on God’s Word,” said Mrs. Norton. “Rather, the purpose was to understand it better.”

Because Ryan Fernando revised the psalm as “The Lord is my conscience,” there was no need to change the second part of verse 3, which reads “He guides me in right paths.” Ryan’s version was “He leads me on the right path and away from the wrong path to keep me safe.”

Other students said the Lord was their guide, guardian, light, home, trainer, protector and even their gardener.

“Even when I sit through a rainy day, I fear no darkness for You give me light,” wrote Ryan Block, imagining himself as a plant in that garden. “Your hose and your tending give me courage,” he added.

“Coach” was the most popular subject, with three students selecting that image for the Lord.

“Though I walk to the locker room with shame after a loss, I will fear no doubt,” wrote Noah Benbow, “for He believes in me, and the team. His words and wisdom comfort me.”

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