Bishop invites men to consider joining the Knights of Columbus

Photo Caption: Bishop Jenky processes through a Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Honor Guard at the recent Erin Feis in Peoria.

Following is the full text of a Sept. 14 letter from Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, CSC:


Sept. 14, 2012
Triumph of the Cross

My dear Brothers in Christ,

As Catholic men, we are called to a life of service. We are called to care for our families, serve our communities and serve our faith communities. I am excited to share with you that a great and wonderful opportunity exists for Catholic men to answer this call to serve by becoming a member of the Knights of Columbus.

This exemplary order of Catholic men was founded in 1882 by a parish priest who had the vision and foresight to conceive of an organization which would provide Catholic men the opportunity to live their Faith through charitable works, caring for their families, and defending the Catholic Faith. Today, the Knights of Columbus are 1.8 million members strong in 14 countries, providing a strong moral example in an age where culture promotes secularism over service to others. Last year, this organization of practical Catholic men donated more than $158 million and 70 million man-hours to charity, in addition to providing its members with the opportunity to share a fraternal brotherhood with men of similar values. Last year, in Illinois alone, the Knights donated $4,961,949 and 2.1 million man hours in their charitable efforts.

As a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus, I have personally witnessed the tremendous work that these men accomplish in this diocese. However, there is much work which needs to be done in the name of charity. I strongly encourage each man in this diocese, who considers himself a practicing Catholic and is at least 18 years old, to prayerfully consider joining the ranks of this fine organization.

Members of the Knights of Columbus will be in parishes after Masses during the weekend of Oct. 6-7, 2012, with more information. Please take some time to visit with one of these men, so that you may join us in our mission to promote Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. I promise you the experience of a lifetime.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Rev. Daniel R. Jenky, CSC
Bishop of Peoria

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