Streator couple builds Newman Center altar, and a lasting marriage

EUREKA — Those who work with their hands will tell you it’s prudent to measure twice and cut once. Margie and Michael Pavlick of Streator added one more step, however, when they designed and built a new altar for the Salve Regina Newman Center.

“It takes lots of prayer,” Margie told The Catholic Post, noting that it didn’t hurt to have a statue of St. Joseph, patron saint of carpenters, in their workshop either.

“Did we do that?” Michael marveled as he considered the altar last week, a few days before it was blessed by Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, CSC.

“All that prayer paid off,” Margie said.

In addition to the main altar, the couple made an altar to house the tabernacle so it would be more of a focal point in the small chapel, which serves the students of Eureka College. About two dozen of them were involved in the Oct. 22 Mass of Thanksgiving and the dinner that followed.

But the new altar wasn’t the only cause for joy that evening. The Pavlicks, married for 50 years on Sept. 12, renewed their wedding vows and also received the blessing of Bishop Jenky.

“I think Mike’s done that once or twice before,” the bishop quipped as he watched the couple kiss.

THE Pavlicks were was invited to take on the project by Father Eugene Radosevich, pastor of St. Luke’s Parish in Eureka, and chaplain and director of the Salve Regina Newman Center. He got to know the couple when he was pastor at St. Stephen’s Parish in Streator.

Married in St. Stephen’s Church, Michael and Margie have been lifelong members of the parish. They have one son, Christopher, who lives in the area.

Together the Pavlicks served as extraordinary ministers of holy Communion, helped to renovate the former convent into a conference center, and worked to make repairs around the church and school.

“To think of making something that will be used at Mass for 50 years or more, something on which the body and blood of Christ will be consecrated,” Michael said.

“It’s such a privilege to be able to use our talents for our Lord, to give him glory,” Margie agreed.

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