POST POLL: Are you a fan of Facebook? (2 responses)

Do you have an opinion, pro or con, of Facebook or other online social networking sites? Then take part in the first “Post Poll” of 2009! Responses will be posted here as we receive them, and may appear in a future issue of The Catholic Post’s print edition.

Here are some thoughts respondents may want to consider: Are online communities worth the time investment? What is the most unexpected or valuable “connection” you have made through Facebook? Do you think Facebook can be used to evangelize? Any experience doing so?

Keep your responses reasonably brief, and send them by e-mail to, putting “Post Poll” in the subject line. Please include your name and parish. Thank you!

From Mike Moehlenhof, St. Mark’s Parish, Peoria

I believe that Facebook and other social networking sites (such as MySpace) are valuable tools to keep in touch with family and friends. I use it personally to promote pro-life events and pro-life candidates running for political office, as well as posting news articles about the latest pro-life happenings around the world. However, its very easy to let such tools be misused by someone with poor intentions.

From Cheryl Mckittrick, East Moline

Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with friends, reconnect with old friends, and communicate with family members located across the world. It’s easy to send quick messages to each other and pretty quick uploading photos to share. With a brother in Rome, it has been a great way to find out how he is doing and see scenic pictures he has posted. And it is a great way to share information of upcoming events in our area with teens that are on Facebook. As with any network, caution should be taken when accepting a “friend request” to make sure you know the person.

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